Men and their toys

Our single neighbour, who has a lot of good-looking girl friends, changing on an annual basis, has bought a Porsche. I thought that this has to do with his age. And he insisted to present me the special features of his car. The sport seats are not really comfortable, getting moderately elegant in and out of this low car is only possible in trousers and flat shoes. Inside it is loud when driving and one can feel the pavement. On top of that the boot is tiny, perhaps for a larger lady’s handbag. In short: uncomfortable and not practical. But the main thing is that the neighbour has his fun!!

Recently he is of the opinion that he has to do more for his own health and thus purchased a mountain bike. During the weekends he now goes biking during daytime and in the evenings he takes out his Porsche.

Two weeks ago I met him when he was about to take home his new bike. He was hooked for this masterpiece of engineering and wanted me to compliment him on his bike. I have to say that it is really an impressive piece of human inventive talent. His race bike weights a bit less than 5 kg and cost a fortune. It is light as a feather. Just the saddle is as so often the terribly uncomfortable.

It was bitter cold, temperatures still below zero, but my neighbour wanted to try his bike at all cost.

I told him that if he gets into trouble he should call me and I would come and rescue him. But I thought this a joke and forgot it immediately.

Three hours later a call. The neighbour. He is near Wollerau and has a flat tyre. He wanted to know whether my offer was for real and whether I could come and get him. Of course I went to pick him up. He was a bit frozen since waiting in such icy temperatures with light clothes was very cold. He thanked me effusively. When leaving I told him that there is nothing funnier than saving someone from freezing and if he were ever again in trouble with his bike, he could call me.

And then, Sunday one week later, spring had finally arrived and I went for a bike tour. My phone rang and it was again the neighbour. It was obvious that he was very embarrassed. He said that he had called 33 friends but all were either skiing, in Paris or somewhere else in the world and now his battery was almost empty. He asked whether I would be able to come and get him and his bike, since he had again a flat tyre.

Thus I rescued our neighbour the second time. This time near the lake Greifensee. Men and their supersensitive toys!!!

Let’s see what the next weekend will bring.

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