Michaela Merz

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My neighbour’s story

Our neighbour was an old lady, a veritable cat lover. She lived in an old wooden house with stag’s antlers over the entrance. She was an original and sometimes not nice at all. But when everything was in order, she could be very funny and tell exciting stories, which were so old that one could read about them in history books.

She had once been an opera singer and travelled the whole world, had seen and experienced a lot, had met many famous people of her time. Once she told me that when she had pain, and unfortunately that happened ever more frequently, she hated everybody, herself included. Continue reading

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wolfgang teuber_pixelio.deMy mother’s neighbour is wonderfully gifted manually. His father was a chimney sweep and he is a trained carpenter. He renovated his huge house himself. Although he didn’t really know the occupation, he taught himself from books. Everything didn‘t always run without problems and at the first attempt, but the results speak for themselves and the costs were not unreasonable, as he is accustomed to say. Continue reading

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Jealousy – a sock and panties

infidelity-379565_1280 (1)We met with our former school class. That was funny and but at the same time made me thoughtful. I wandered through the room, chatted with several groups and moved on as everyone else. Sometime in the course of the evening I sat with Martin and Elena in the corner with a glass of wine and we came to talk about the topic of jealousy. Continue reading

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No warm water

Last year a young man moved into our house. He works as a janitor. Until I met him I never would have thought how diversified and exciting the work of a janitor can be.

If there is nice weather almost the entire house community meets in the garden at the barbecue and then stories are told and people laugh. After this year’s endlessly long winter, spring with its warm temperatures and sun arrived. Continue reading

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Men and their toys

Our single neighbour, who has a lot of good-looking girl friends, changing on an annual basis, has bought a Porsche. I thought that this has to do with his age. And he insisted to present me the special features of his car. The sport seats are not really comfortable, getting moderately elegant in and out of this low car is only possible in trousers and flat shoes. Inside it is loud when driving and one can feel the pavement. Continue reading