Valdemar deceives

Valdemar is going to be 80 years old in three years. He owns a little house, which he inherited from his mother. It is located near the mountains in the shadow of a forest. He enjoys being there. His pension is small but Valdemar is content and even managed to put some money aside. As he habitually says, the money’s meant for old age.

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_DSC1773_worked_NikLowKeyWhen the weather is fine, I like to go into the woods behind the house. I get on my bicycle and enjoy the smell, the fresh air, the shade and also the effort, when I pedal hard uphill, then flying down from the top of the hill to the bottom, when the wind whistles in my ears and I can keep up with the speed of the cars travelling down the hill.

If the day has been tiring or the anger too great, the weather doesn’t matter at all. I have to get out with my running shoes on my feet or on my mountain bike. Up the hill, sweating and out of breath. With every push on the pedals, the anger or frustration subsides and when I reach home again, I feel as if I have been reborn, a nice good-tempered person, who again values the world and all its creatures. One can say that for me movement is a psycho-hygiene, necessary to be able to cope with stressful and annoying events without damage. It also has fantastic side-effects, which, as far as health is concerned, are incalculable.Read More »

We are not twenty anymore

755905_web_R_K_B_by_Rainer Sturm_pixelio.deEvery time I hear about the death or severe illness of someone of my age, I am shocked. As if age could protect us. The opposite is true: The older you get, the higher the probability for death or illness.
One week ago, I met Mark at the swimming pool. This week I learned that he suffered a stroke, not even 50 years old. Read More »

Men and their toys

Our single neighbour, who has a lot of good-looking girl friends, changing on an annual basis, has bought a Porsche. I thought that this has to do with his age. And he insisted to present me the special features of his car. The sport seats are not really comfortable, getting moderately elegant in and out of this low car is only possible in trousers and flat shoes. Inside it is loud when driving and one can feel the pavement. Read More »