The ski lift

During my youth the T-bar ski lift was the most common. Today it is the exact opposite. The T-bar is the exception. However, what I could experience this week on the few rides on the only T-Bar in the ski resort was very entertaining. I am fascinated by how the 3 and 4-year-olds are able to speed down the slopes and that there is no slope that would have been too difficult for them to try. I observed ski classes where adult ski teachers were skiing with 3 to 5-year-old toddlers. The test or the trial took place at the T-bar. The little ones had to go up the slope in pairs. The slope was very steep in some parts. The ski teacher helped them get on the T-bar because the times where the T-bars were operated by assistant workers is for the large part over. Nevertheless, the little ski drivers had to let themselves and their ski sticks be pulled up the slope.

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My frog Drapatka

At high school I had a persistent admirer, who gave me a small frog for my birthday. The frog was transparent and one had to feed him with tiny bits of raw meat. He caught the meat with his front legs, lifted the piece and bit into it. One could see how the meat moved through his digestive tract. The bigger and fatter he grew, the less one could see. He continuously lived in the water and I kept him in a small aquarium in my room.Read More »

Men and their toys

Our single neighbour, who has a lot of good-looking girl friends, changing on an annual basis, has bought a Porsche. I thought that this has to do with his age. And he insisted to present me the special features of his car. The sport seats are not really comfortable, getting moderately elegant in and out of this low car is only possible in trousers and flat shoes. Inside it is loud when driving and one can feel the pavement. Read More »