Webinar – After the Brexit deal: what you need to know and do next – 18 January 2021

The Brexit transition period ended on 31 December 2020 and there is finally a deal between the United Kingdom and the European Union. However, many relevant practical questions for businesses remain open and still need to be resolved.

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Netherlands – Dutch court confirms broad application of CJEU Boehringer

Yesterday, a Dutch court case was published regarding indirect rebates. In essence, the court of first instance granted a refund to a pharmaceutical company based on the CJEU Boehringer case (C-462/16) although the pharmaceutical company was not obliged to grant the rebates under national law. 

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UK – Brexit – How to get the VAT refunds in Northern Ireland or the EU, if you’re established in Northern Ireland or in the EU for VAT paid on supply of goods

Businesses established in Northern Ireland who incur VAT on goods in the EU, and EU businesses who incur VAT on goods in Northern Ireland, will be able to recover this VAT through the electronic cross-border refund system. This enables a business to recover that VAT directly from that country (the UK or EU member state of refund) provided that it is not established in the country of refund and makes no supplies there.

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UK – Brexit – Intrastat requirements

According to the latest information issued on Intrastat requirements by HMRC, one have to differentiate between the following flows where Intrastat declarations will still be required for UK resident business and foreign businesses with a UK VAT registration:

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UK/EU – Brexit as per 1 of January and what does it mean

As you know, the EU and UK reached a Brexit deal on the 24th of December 2020.

This deal does not mean “business as usual”. UK is no longer a part of the EU customs union which means that customs declarations needs to be filed when importing and exporting goods both in UK as well as the EU.

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Germany- Changes in German preliminary VAT return as from 1 of January 2021

In a decree dated 22 December 2020, the German Federal Ministry of Finance (Bundesministerium der Finanzen, or BMF) has published the forms for the 2021 preliminary VAT returns (Umsatzsteuer-Voranmeldung, UStVA).

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It was a strange year, the year of Corona

We have given up many things dear to us this year. We have struggled. We have missed the light at the end of the tunnel. We have been afraid. We were in despair. We sank into gloomy thoughts. We lost many things. We helped. We showed solidarity.

Some were very solidary and some very selfish. As is always the case in normal lives. But this year it was not a normal life.

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Es war ein merkwürdiges Jahr, das Jahr von Corona

Wir haben dieses Jahr auf vieles, was uns lieb ist, verzichtet. Wir haben gekämpft. Wir haben das Licht am Ende des Tunnels vermisst. Wir haben uns gefürchtet. Wir waren verzweifelt. Wir versanken in düsteren Gedanken. Wir haben vieles verloren. Wir haben geholfen. Wir haben uns solidarisiert.

Einige waren sehr solidarisch und einige sehr egoistisch. So wie das in normalen Leben immer der Fall ist. Nur es war dieses Jahr kein normales Leben.

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Austria – statute of limitation

Due to COVID-19, the Austrian tax authorities have granted very generous deferrals of payments for all types of taxation. So far, tax payments that were booked on the tax account until the end of September, are generally deferred until 15 January 2021.

Due to the ongoing economic disruption and the expected inability to balance the tax liability by that date, the rules are amended as follows:

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Life in times of Corona XVII

The trip to visit my mother has involved extensive strategic planning. She lives less than 800 km from where I live. It’s the same continent and my car makes the trip on one tank of petrol (which is also the main reason why I can’t have an e-car). The plane ticket costs a ridiculous amount and can be booked at short notice, but I can’t fly. The risk of infection is simply too big, and my mother will soon be 80 years old. That’s why I’m forced to drive, even on long journeys.

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