Michaela Merz

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UK: Customs and international trade: ‘no regrets’ actions to be ready for Brexit

I am pleased to invite you to the next Global ITX webcast. Brexit has the potential to create some significant changes to the UK-EU border and how businesses engage with it.
The Customs and International Trade specialists, Matthew Clark, Claudia Buysing-Damste and Simeon Probst will discuss what ‘no regret’ actions businesses can take now to prepare for Brexit. Continue reading

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EU: New definition of exporter announced in amendments to the Delegated Act

30 July 2018 the Commission published a Regulation (2018/1063) containing amendments and corrections to the Delegated Act of the Union Customs Code (DA). Most amendments are from an administrative nature or are corrections in relation to the wording of articles.
There is however one major change, the definition of exporter. Continue reading

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Das erste Mal

Es gibt eine Redewendung, dass man einem alten Hund keine neuen Tricks beibringen kann. Aber ich denke, das stimmt einfach nicht. Was zählt ist der Wille neue Sachen ausprobieren und dran zu bleiben, um sie zu erlernen.

Ich habe es leider in meiner Jugend verpasst, das Zehnfinger-System zu erlernen. Auf dem Gymnasium wurde es nicht als Fach angeboten und da man damals mehrheitlich mit der Hand geschrieben hat, war es für mich ohne Relevanz. Darum schreibe ich mit dem System “Suchender Adler“. Continue reading

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The first time

The first time

There is a figure of speech that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But I believe that is simply not true. What matters is the will to try something new and not give up until one has learned it.

Unfortunately, when I was young, I failed to learn the ten-finger system. At school it was not on the curriculum and as at the time one usually wrote by hand, it was of no relevance to me. Therefore I write using the „searching eagle“ system. Continue reading

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eBay: Senior Manager, Indirect Taxes / Bern

eBay is the world’s largest marketplace, enabling more than 90 million active buyers to purchase from more than 20 million sellers globally every year.

We are looking for an experienced Senior VAT Manager or Senior Indirect Tax Manager Manager to be based in our eBay office in Bern, Switzerland. Alternatively, the position can also be based in our offices in Berlin with some travel to Bern on a monthly basis.

You will report to the Director, Indirect Taxes. The European indirect tax team primarily covers Europe, Middle East, and Africa indirect tax matters but also participates in projects in other regions around the world. Continue reading

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We have found a purse – who’s lost it? Please help to find the owner

We have found this purse. Someone is now miserably sad and depressed. We need your help to find the owner. Please spread this news, because I have maintained that we are more likely to find the owner through the Internet than if we simply hand the purse into the lost property office. Continue reading


Wir haben ein Portemonnaie gefunden – wer vermisst es? Bitte helft, den Eigentümer zu finden

Wir haben dieses Portemonnaie gefunden. Jemand ist jetzt elends traurig und niedergeschlagen. Wir brauchen eure Hilfe die Eigentümerin zu finden. Bitte verbreite diese Nachricht, weil ich habe behauptet, dass wir die Eigentümerin mit Hilfe des Internets eher finden werden, als wenn wir die Geldbörse einfach im Fundbüro abgeben. Continue reading