Grosse Scheidegg and Bussalp

Get out of the fog, which can be so thick that it completely envelops you, swallows you and takes your breath away. The fog gets on my nerves. Every now and then when I get up in the morning and now, unfortunately, far too often in autumn, there is nothing to see out of the window. Only a thick white layer of fog. This white can be very persistent and just stays lazy in the valley where I live. Now and then it stays the whole day until late in the evening. If you can endure several such days in a row without becoming depressed, you have a very robust constitution. Actually I am such a person, but my energy storage is not infinite either. Sun, air and exercise usually help.

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Men and their toys

Our single neighbour, who has a lot of good-looking girl friends, changing on an annual basis, has bought a Porsche. I thought that this has to do with his age. And he insisted to present me the special features of his car. The sport seats are not really comfortable, getting moderately elegant in and out of this low car is only possible in trousers and flat shoes. Inside it is loud when driving and one can feel the pavement. Read More »