Global Automotive Tax Guide 2020

It is a great pleasure to present you the PwC 2020 Global Automotive Tax Guide. The Guide provides a unique oversight of tax aspects related to the use of cars in 43 of the world’s most relevant car markets.

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Kazim and his dream Porsche 356

As long as Kazim could remember he had a dream. He wanted to have a Porsche but not just any Porsche, the Porsche ‘Speedster’. As a young boy he saved his pocket money to buy mini Porsche 365 car models and his room looked more like a Porsche exposition than a children’s bedroom. He never allowed his brother to play with his cars. After all, what if he broke them.

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Detroit – ein Jahr später

100258_original_R_K_B_by_Sascha Böhnke_pixelio.deIch bin wieder hier. In der Stadt, die für Autos gebaut wurde wo aber Menschen nicht wirklich eingeplant wurden. Down Town ist beindruckend schön, wenn sich das Sonnenlicht auf den Fensterfassaden der unzähligen Hochhäuser spiegelt. Jetzt im Februar liegt die Temperatur in Fahrenheit bei etwa 30 Grad.
(Wenn man 30 Grad abzieht und der Rest durch 2 dividiert bekommt man die Temperatur in Celsius).

Ja die Temperatur ist beim Gefrierpunkt. Aber der Wind ist so stark und eisig beissend, dass es sich wesentlich kälter anfühlt. Dazu kommt ein schwerer Schneefall. Vielleicht vertreibt das Wetter die restlichen Menschen, die sich auf die Strasse getraut hätten. Einen Menschen auf der Strasse habe ich nämlich während meines ganzen Aufenthaltes nicht gesehen. Read More »

TCS – the fast pragmatic help which let us down

586266_web_R_by_Dominik Pöpping_pixelio.deI don’t really like driving. For me the car is a means in order to get from one point to another. If the price allows, I will for sure be one of the first ones, who buys an automatically steered car.

I am pretty sure that afterwards these automats will spread very fast. Because the insurance premiums for men-steered cars will rise into the sky and will economically force people to stop driving themselves.Read More »

‎The blow which did not come

person-731492_640Last week Thursday the city police conducted a control at the tram station Guggach. One third of the cyclists (and two car drivers) had disregarded the red light. The cyclists were fined with 60 francs, the car drivers with 250 francs. Honestly, I would have fined the cyclists also with 250 francs or maybe even with 1000 francs. Possibly this could save lives or health. The number of injured or killed cyclists is increasing in the city of Zurich. I have the impression that the cyclists consider themselves above the law. It is true that usually they endanger themselves but the costs resulting from their lawless behaviour are borne by the community.Read More »

Car body damage

587264_web_R_K_B_by_Dominik Pöpping_pixelio.deI have my driving licence since I am 18 years old. An eternity. My penalties and car damages can be counted on one hand and I am incredibly proud of that. But this June was like bedevilled. I come to my car and notice that someone touched it when parking and slightly damaged it. Read More »

The lawyer at the wheel

713346_web_R_B_by_Tim Reckmann_pixelio.deThomas set behind the steering wheel. Margrit did not like that. Finally, it was her car and she wished that Thomas would at least ask. But he never did that. Thomas was a lawyer and what characterised him best was the trait that he always knew everything better (or at least thought he did) and was always right. For his fellow human beings this was usually annoying and thus Margrit was one of the few who could stand Thomas for a longer time. Read More »

Something has happened

Photo_RGB_PC_48238.jpgPeople walking near parked cars on a street - PwCI went to the concert of Pharrell Williams. I was really enjoying it. His song “Happy” made me feel well. A few sounds and a voice and the world looked better. I took the car and had to back into a parking space on the right in a steep road. I never said that I am good at it but after so many years driving the car I developed a strategy how to park successfully despite the missing three-dimensional vision. Read More »

In 20 minutes to the airport and return

My father had come to visit me. A gentleman over the age of 70 without any knowledge of foreign languages, not really used to fly. Instead a true gentleman, one of the kind which is in danger of extinction. He keeps the door open so that a woman can enter, he holds a woman’s coat for her to put on and he carries bags, the suitcase, and the shopping bags, as representative of the strong sex. I appreciate and enjoy it very much. Read More »

Bikers in Zurich

I am everything, pedestrian, biker and also car driver.

But I hardly fear anything as much as bikers in the city. It seems that there are no laws for them or rather that they do not obey any laws. In one moment they behave like pedestrians when crossing the street driving over the pedestrian crossing and Read More »