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Thai Massage

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It was raining cats and dogs. Going for a walk was out of question. I had 100 minutes between two meetings in a foreign city. Originally I had wanted to explore the foreign city. But with this weather it was not an option. I could go to a café and reduce the number of unread emails, I could have caught up the missed lunch or I simply could go to the hotel and do all my outstanding phone calls.

But I was not in the mood for any of this. I felt cheated out of my 100 minutes leisure time by the bad weather. And then I suddenly saw the sign. Thai Massage. The decision was made within seconds and within minutes I was on the massage table.

I already have spent my holidays in Thailand and was really fascinated by the people, landscape and culture. Almost every day I had also enjoyed a massage.

Now, in this rainy, foreign city on the massage table, the familiar pictures from Thailand appeared out of nothing. The sea, the elephants walking on the beach, small fishing boats, the laughter of the people, the smell of spicy food. I was lying there with closed eyes and the Thai masseuse was kneading and bending me, as if I were a piece of dough. Because a real Thai massage is nothing for cowards and tender plantlets. One gets stretched, the masseuse kneels on one with full weight and similar.

But I was not even there. With closed eyes I saw the sea, felt the wind and the warmth, smelt the green curry which was prepared nearby and heard the happy laughter of the children. It was so real and I had a satisfied smile. And then the masseuse said thank you and finished. The thank you in Thai automatically came to my mind „Kop-Khun-Kha“, even though I had not heard it for 2 years.

I was outside on the street. It was still cold and was raining. But I had filled up a huge portion of Thai sun and vitality. The little bit of bad weather did not bother me anymore.

One thought on “Thai Massage

  1. wow! what a reflective article.i am sure it would be very beneficial to all to have the capacity to reach these deeper emotions and feelings.excellent and insightful.thanks for sharing.


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