Michaela Merz

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A Perfect Day

I woke up and got out of bed up. It was still dark. I dressed myself and off I went. The lake was calm and the daylight began to dilute the darkness. I pushed my canoe into the water, very careful not to get myself wet. Then I dipped the paddle into the water and headed in the direction of the sunrise. It was quiet; only occasionally did I hear birdcalls. The lake and the banks were deserted. Continue reading

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Thai Massage

It was raining cats and dogs. Going for a walk was out of question. I had 100 minutes between two meetings in a foreign city. Originally I had wanted to explore the foreign city. But with this weather it was not an option. I could go to a café and reduce the number of unread emails, I could have caught up the missed lunch or I simply could go to the hotel and do all my outstanding phone calls. Continue reading