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Iceland – Akureyri

I wanted to visit Iceland for several years but my youngest wanted to go on a cruise ship. I was against the cruise idea but family life is a continuous compromise. So we went around the island in a cruise ship. I imagined Iceland to be different. Even though I have three travel guides at home and have seen countless images. Iceland is different, not comparable to other countries and unpredictable. One of the best sayings that we heard on our journey goes as follows: ‘if you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes’. It describes what you experience on the island very well. It can be foggy and suddenly sunny, it can be ice cold and quarter of an hour later it’ll be T-Shirt summer weather. Accordingly, our backpacks for the hikes were large. You can experience anything there. Rain, the cold, the sun, wind. You need sunglasses, hats, rain coats and jackets. You need quite a bit to survive the weather conditions.

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Thai Massage

It was raining cats and dogs. Going for a walk was out of question. I had 100 minutes between two meetings in a foreign city. Originally I had wanted to explore the foreign city. But with this weather it was not an option. I could go to a café and reduce the number of unread emails, I could have caught up the missed lunch or I simply could go to the hotel and do all my outstanding phone calls. Continue reading