Luxembourg EU Presidency tax priorities

People walking in a pedestrianised area - PwC, PwC_PC_ Global_ 303.jpgPiere Gramegna, Finance Minister of Luxembourg and ECOFIN Council President, outlined his priorities for the coming six months. For the tax people especially two of them are of particular interest step up the fight against fraud and work towards fairer corporate taxation.  Mr Gramegna said “given the budgetary constraints in Member states, fair taxation and the fight against fraud are absolute priorities”.  Read More »

Loneliness of a working mum

81599_web_R_by_moschnifoto_pixelio.deWhen the job of the hermit in the Tamina canyon was advertised, seven people come forward despite the rather low salary. I can understand it. I am almost never alone respectively the few minutes of being alone have to be planned meticulously and strictly implemented.Read More »

Public Viewing – different setting

The monitors are everywhere, football is omnipresent. One cannot avoid it. On Saturday evening my older daughter prepared to watch the football match with Germany. She painted her face and was full of anticipation. My youngest one also would have liked to go to the city to watch the game but the broadcast was too late and he had to be in bed by that time. We nevertheless agreed to go to the city in the evening to see the masses of people celebrating in warm June weather.Read More »

Thai Massage

It was raining cats and dogs. Going for a walk was out of question. I had 100 minutes between two meetings in a foreign city. Originally I had wanted to explore the foreign city. But with this weather it was not an option. I could go to a café and reduce the number of unread emails, I could have caught up the missed lunch or I simply could go to the hotel and do all my outstanding phone calls.Read More »