The story of Robert

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARobert was an old school entrepreneur. Traditions were kept up, he looked after his people because loyalty was his first priority. Nevertheless or because of it Robert was very successful and his trading company with focus on Eastern Europe was prospering. Robert was present everywhere, interfered and wanted to know about everything. His working day was hardly ever shorter than 12 hours and working on weekends was no exception. His company was his dedication, his life and his hobby. He had hardly time for his twin boys. He almost never went on holidays with them.

Robert was satisfied with his life and wanted that his two boys enter the company and take over. Both boys had helped our every now and then, had accompanied their father to negotiations in Moscow or Warsaw, but none of them was really interested. When Anthony said that he would like to study German philology, his father was upset and refused financing such an unprofitable study. Anthony did not care, he financed his studies with various student jobs. Robert junior was interested in engineering and his father was not thrilled about that either but in his eyes engineering was at least something useful and he approved these studies.

After finishing the studies, none of the guys wanted to enter the father’s company, also not at a later stage. Anthony turned into a highly distinguished and respected economic journalist and Robert junior became a specialist for light projects. None of them wanted to take over the father’s company. This fact was not easy to overcome for Robert senior. The thought that his life’s work would not stay in the family was almost unbearable for him. It took almost 10 years until he realised that he actually had to sell his life’s work to a stranger. With heavy heart but extremely professional he did that at the age of 82 and received a lot of money. But he started to get terribly bored and was unbearable for the people around him. Now in October the cleaning of the roof gutter was on the agenda. The mother had wanted to ask the gardener to do it but Robert refused it. He took the ladder and cleaned the roof gutter. When he had finished and wanted to climb down, he lost his balance and fell on the ground.

His injuries were that serious that he died after four hours in the hospital. His last thoughts were with the roof gutter. At least he had been able to finish the work.

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