The story of Robert

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARobert was an old school entrepreneur. Traditions were kept up, he looked after his people because loyalty was his first priority. Nevertheless or because of it Robert was very successful and his trading company with focus on Eastern Europe was prospering. Robert was present everywhere, interfered and wanted to know about everything. His working day was hardly ever shorter than 12 hours and working on weekends was no exception. His company was his dedication, his life and his hobby. He had hardly time for his twin boys. He almost never went on holidays with them.Read More »

Delayed train

As a student I earned my money as a travel guide. I welcomed a group of foreign tourists, took care that accommodation, meals and the other programme went according to plan. Prior to the arrival of the group I checked again all the details and was responsible for their well-being and satisfaction. Read More »

Flight Moscow – Zurich

I had already noticed the three men at the check-in. They were loud, laughing and talking loudly. In the plane they ended up one row in front of me. Three Russians. It was obvious that they had already been drinking. Their noise level increased. Eavesdropping was not necessary, their rude jokes could be heard several rows in front and behind of them, as long as one understood Russian.Read More »

Queue at the ladies‘ toilet

Often I think that many architects do not sufficiently consider the gender-specific differences. At almost every major event and by this I don’t actually mean the Olympic Games but theatres, cinemas, etc. there is the phenomenon of queues at the ladies’ toilet. At the men’s toilet this phenomenon does not exist. I admit that modern buildings got a bit better but I still regularly queue at such locations. Read More »