Michaela Merz

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Cruise ships

When my youngest asked to go on a cruise during the holidays I felt very negative towards the idea. What should I, a freedom loving, individuality focused person do, squashed like a sardine in a tight space with thousands of others? I’d go insane after a maximum of 24 hours. The idea that I wouldn’t like it at all and that I would not be able to leave the ship was horrific. I had only been on a dance ship once. I was very young at the time. I found it horrible and swore to myself that I would never ever step on a large ship again. It’s not that I have an issue with ships. I love sailing, the water and I actually cannot really get enough of it. But a big ship that moves lazily through the water and in which you are pretty much held captive, was gruesome to me. Cruise ships seem like a heap of ants to me with a moat that feed their members but at the same time rule over them like dictators.

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725911_original_R_K_B_by_Lupo_pixelio.deI know it. As a child I suffered terribly from it. The ritual repeated itself every year. In winter my mother asked me whether I would like to go so the children’s summer camp in summer. I wanted to and said yes. Shortly afterwards doubts started to trouble me whether it had been the right decision. I know that I would be homesick as every year. Continue reading

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Pauline’s story

I met Pauline during the holidays while shopping. It’s incredible, how small the world is. I had not seen her for at least 15 years. Pauline had changed but her hairstyle was still the same as back then. And because one does have time to chat during the holidays, we went to a nearby café after shopping in order to catch up on all the important changes in our lives. Continue reading

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715376_web_R_K_B_by_Rainer Sturm_pixelio.deIn Cora’s chest two beat two hearts. A lion heart which made her take to arguments, where it was basically clear from the start that she must loose. Cora was five years old and for her age incredibly small and slender. In pre-school class she was the smallest one. Continue reading

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The story of Robert

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARobert was an old school entrepreneur. Traditions were kept up, he looked after his people because loyalty was his first priority. Nevertheless or because of it Robert was very successful and his trading company with focus on Eastern Europe was prospering. Robert was present everywhere, interfered and wanted to know about everything. His working day was hardly ever shorter than 12 hours and working on weekends was no exception. His company was his dedication, his life and his hobby. He had hardly time for his twin boys. He almost never went on holidays with them. Continue reading

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Barcelona, my birthday present

My wonderful, studying children had thought of a birthday present for me. Holidays for the three of us to an unknown destination. They had chosen Barcelona.

Why Barcelona? First, it is a fantastic, vibrant city with endless many things to see and to do. In April it is vivid and much warmer than in Switzerland. Continue reading

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Theft of a toilette at Pfreimd castle

During the holidays we slept in a village below the 1000 years old Pfreimd castle. It is a ruin but we could very well imagine how once knights rode on their horses into the court of the castle, how they had hunted around the castle and how they had celebrated in the large hall in the tower in front of an open fire. The most fascinating thing was a perfectly well preserved toilette. It was completely made from stone, a perfectly flat surface to sit on with a hole in it which many years ago ended deep below the castle. Continue reading