The story of Robert

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARobert was an old school entrepreneur. Traditions were kept up, he looked after his people because loyalty was his first priority. Nevertheless or because of it Robert was very successful and his trading company with focus on Eastern Europe was prospering. Robert was present everywhere, interfered and wanted to know about everything. His working day was hardly ever shorter than 12 hours and working on weekends was no exception. His company was his dedication, his life and his hobby. He had hardly time for his twin boys. He almost never went on holidays with them.Read More »

Erika’s story

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAErika was 14 when in 1942 the Nazis brought her and her family into the Warsaw ghetto. She had long, curly fair hair, a much too serious expression and an endless will to survive. She was small and very delicate, one could have easily taken her for four years younger.

The family had suspected that this day might come. They had agreed that whatever happened, after the end of the war they would meet in the house of the father’s oldest brother. Read More »