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Upcoming Webcast: Data Analytics for Indirect Tax (ITX): Your Journey to Advanced Analytics

I would like to invite you to the next webcast in the PwC Indirect Tax Data Analytics series.

Data Analytics for Indirect Tax (ITX): Your Journey to Advanced Analytics
Latest trends in VAT fraud detection and Blockchain

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Schau mir in die Augen, Kleines

Wenn ihr in zehn, zwanzig Jahren zurückblickt, was ist es, das euch in Erinnerung geblieben sein wird? Eine bestandene Prüfung? Der erste Kuss? Ein spezifisches Buch oder ein Film?

Wenn ich zurück denke, so ist es einiges, was mir in Erinnerung geblieben ist. Continue reading

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Look me in the eye, baby

When you look back in ten, twenty years, what will remain in your memory? An examination passed? The first kiss? A special book or a film?

When I think back, there are several things that I’ll remember. Continue reading

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Romania – Update on VAT split payment

Referring to the information on VAT split payment in Romania I would like to update you as follow:

This week the Romanian senators from the Budget Finance Committee discussed and proposed some amendments related to the VAT split system. Continue reading

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Hungary – real time reporting – how to do it efficiently with online reporting tool

As of 1 July 2018 all taxpayers are required to report to the Hungarian tax authority certain data regarding invoices that are issued by invoicing software and have a VAT content of at least HUF 100,000. Such reports will have to be made electronically, through an online connection, using a specific XML file format. Continue reading

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Poland – Brief summary of recent tax situation

Based on the latest World Bank’s “Doing Business” report Polish tax system is one of the most complicated and complex systems within the EU. In general, significant time investment is needed to fulfill tax obligations in Poland.

Polish legal provisions are often not formulated in clear way. Continue reading