The swimming season in times of Corona has begun

I am a swimmer. Nowhere do I get into such a confident meditative state with a real deep relaxation as in crawl swimming. And now all the indoor pools are closed except for school swimming and Olympians. Unfortunately, I don’t belong to either of these two categories. The water in the lake has a temperature of about 5 degrees and meditative swimming is not possible.

It’s been five months since I last swam. The air temperature rises to 20 degrees but the water temperature remains in the single digit Celsius range. I tried to go into the water without a wetsuit. The cold immediately enveloped the skin and began to penetrate to the bones. Funny is different!!! No, there’s no way I’m going swimming like that. But at least I can re-inflate my stand-up paddle and do a few laps on the lake. The muscles that haven’t been used for months are making themselves known. Yes, I still have them, but they are no longer used to the hard work and are trying to adapt. Tomorrow I will have sore muscles but let’s face it, that’s almost a privilege today!!!

It is the end of March and nature is awakening. There is a lot growing in Ticino and the magnolias are in full bloom. I can hardly believe my luck when I got the chance to use a heated outdoor pool. No, the swimming season is not yet open, because without a brisk swim in this pool, the water is far too cold here too. However, crawling at a brisk pace and full of tension provides enough warmth. I wondered if I could even swim properly after 5 months. But that’s no problem. The burnt-in movements are just there and after a few minutes I fell into that wonderful meditative state that I love so much about swimming.

I bought the equipment to swim in cold water last year. A suit, socks, gloves, a hat and Vaseline for the face cost next to nothing. Now with a bit of a jump start and the water warmed up, I’ve been able to swim outside without a suit. From Monday back home I will need my suit. Let’s see if it will work so well. I intend to!

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