The swimming season in times of Corona has begun

I am a swimmer. Nowhere do I get into such a confident meditative state with a real deep relaxation as in crawl swimming. And now all the indoor pools are closed except for school swimming and Olympians. Unfortunately, I don’t belong to either of these two categories. The water in the lake has a temperature of about 5 degrees and meditative swimming is not possible.

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Life in times of Corona XI – Triathlon Swimming

I am afraid of a possible lockdown. The idea that we will be locked up again, as is already the case in certain states, is more than spooky and scares me. I get rid of my worries and frustrations well through movement. Movement within your own four walls is possible but very limited. The best way I can recover is to do a good stretch of powerful crawling. Swimming always helps. Afterwards the mental ballast together with many calories is out of my body and the daily routine can start again.

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The last summer day at the lake

The last summer day at the lake. I know from tomorrow on it will be autumn. I enjoy the sunshine and for the end of September the lake is still incredibly warm.

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It was a wonderful day. In the morning it was windless and sunny. In the afternoon the wind increased and became stronger. The first kite surfers who had been waiting on the bank could now start. Within a very short time, many of them glided over the restless water. We watched them. The colorful kites, the big waves, the tricks they did with their kites, it was a great presentation.

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The season has begun

I’m a passionate paddler, standing on the board.  In winter Switzerland is not suitable for this sport. The reason is simple, you never really know whether your own stability can withstand the weather conditions. Occasionally it can’t. In winter the water is 5 degrees centigrade and a bath in the lake could end fatally. I enjoy life too much for that.

Therefore, I yearn for rising water temperatures and calm wind conditions. Last weekend the water was 7 degrees and the wind conditions seemed to be stable. I couldn’t resist. Equipped with shoes, gloves, cap and safety vest I set off onto the lake. The calm was indescribable. The peace, the cold but with warming rays of sun, the isolation (there’s no telephone and no other water sports enthusiasts) I enjoyed the indescribable feeling of being at peace with the world. It was just great. After weeks of internal sorrow at last I have found peace.

But as so often nature is unpredictable. In spite of the weather forecast, which didn’t foresee wind, the wind got up. Obviously, I paddled only close to the shore and obviously, I could have stopped at any time and gone on shore, but then I would have had to carry my board at least 2 kilometres. The wind grew stronger and I could no longer stand but had to kneel down to avoid losing my balance. The paddling became one-sided – always only on the right-hand side and therefore really strenuous. I felt the cold water, but I wasn’t cold.

Without an accident and without an involuntary bath I reached my staring point again. The season has begun. And respect for the superior strength of nature again became clear. I am looking forward to the summer!

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In distress on Lake Zug

It is an incredible day. The end of April and the temperature climbs above 25 degrees. Sunshine with a few hazy clouds. Nothing can stop me. Together with my youngest we pack our stand-up paddles and drive to Lake Zug. The access is ideal, straight from the parking lot into the water.Read More »

The last swim

334981_web_r_k_b_by_irene-lehmann_pixelio-deThe news announced that the beautiful summer is coming to an end. It is mid-September, so it‘s not really surprising. But the news made it clear to me that this Wednesday I won’t be working from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm, and then drive home quickly, cook the evening meal and have a discussion with my youngest. No, on Wednesday, if its 28 degrees outside, at 6.00 pm I’ll drive to the Seebad and have a final swim in the lake.Read More »

One Sunday in Zug – Vintage car show

If you buy an electrical appliance in Switzerland, the consumer pays a recycling fee at the time of purchase and the fee is not inexpensive. For a washing machine you will have to pay 30 CHF. Actually, you could just pay this at the time of disposal, but the lawgiver does not trust its citizens. Who knows how we dispose of all of our old phones, tablets and small appliances? Some of them would end up in the regular rubbish bin, probably as a result of our inclination towards convenience or thriftiness. Read More »