Life in times of Corona XV

Helen was very happy when she became a grandmother. Finally, she thought. The risk was great that her only daughter would rather have a career than take the time to give birth to at least one child.

Helen was a dedicated grandmother. Whenever her daughter needed help, she was there and helped where necessary, even though she was still working 100%. But that was before Corona. In March everything changed. The visits became fewer and fewer and more and more distant, one was not allowed to hug each other.

Helen was in the risk category with her diabetes and although it was very difficult for her, she reduced her visits to her daughter and grandchild to a Sunday afternoon walk with them. The little one began to become estranged from Helen. This hurt even more.

Helen hoped that Corona would soon disappear and she would pick up where she left off in the winter. She spent 6 weeks in summer with her son and his family in Canada. When she came back and visited her daughter and little Martin for the first time, her heart almost stopped. Not only could little Martin not remember her, but he started to cry when she took him in her arms and only calmed down when his mother took him back to her.

Helen was hurt and in the evening in bed she thought a lot about what this really is, what it is worth living for. To stay alive, but isolated and without close relationship to her own family, was no longer a desirable life for Helen. Helen decided that she would take the risk of a possible illness with all its possible consequences but that it was more important to her to have a good relationship with her little Martin. She started to take them out for walks every Sunday again. She made an agreement with her daughter that as soon as the little one goes to the nursery, she will pick him up there once a week.

The first time came faster than expected. Helen stood at the door of the nursery on Thursday at 4 pm with her heart beating. What if little Martin will refuse to go home with her? What if he starts crying? Or even worse, to scream? Helen was afraid. She stood at the entrance with the mask on her face and looked at the group of playing children. She saw Martin and Martin looked in her direction but did not take a step.

And suddenly a small boy, about 3 years old, ran away from the group, ran towards Helen and put his hands up to her. He laughed at her with joyful anticipation. Helen was surprised because she didn’t know the little boy, but this way her fear turned into a good feeling. And when Martin saw that, he suddenly ran towards Helen as well. The other children followed them and suddenly Helen stood in the middle of 6 little children. The teacher came hurriedly and warned the children to return. Little Martin stayed.

Helen and Martin went home hand in hand. An indescribably beautiful feeling. Helen was very grateful for this and knew that her decision was right. We must live on even in times of Corona.

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