Life in times of Corona XV

Helen was very happy when she became a grandmother. Finally, she thought. The risk was great that her only daughter would rather have a career than take the time to give birth to at least one child.

Helen was a dedicated grandmother. Whenever her daughter needed help, she was there and helped where necessary, even though she was still working 100%. But that was before Corona. In March everything changed. The visits became fewer and fewer and more and more distant, one was not allowed to hug each other.

Helen was in the risk category with her diabetes and although it was very difficult for her, she reduced her visits to her daughter and grandchild to a Sunday afternoon walk with them. The little one began to become estranged from Helen. This hurt even more.

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As a child I looked forward to Christmas for weeks on end. It was mysterious, auspicious and magical.

As the mother of small children, I was happy. To see one’s own children’s happiness was indescribably wonderful. The presents, the decorated tree, the perfect scenario. All that was important.

Now my children are older and although Christmas is wonderful, they have lost the magic of belief.Read More »

Who strikes once, will strike again

Oscar had exercised a magical attraction on Vivien. Vivien felt so alive in Oscar’s presence. Daily routine became a great adventure. Oscar saw the world differently from most people. He was well read, had travelled widely, could tell stories excitingly, was passionate, held surprising opinions about every day matters and could conjure up out a nothing a magical world.

Who wouldn’t be fascinated. Vivien was 10 years younger and Oscar appeared to her like an oasis in the desert, like an unexpected present, that she had not deserved. Vivien was surprised that Oscar was interested in her and when they became a pair, she could scarcely believe her luck. The fact that Oscar insisted in keeping their relationship secret didn’t disturb her.Read More »

Russia with love

Russia always fascinated me. The diversity, literature, the ballet, theatre, the vastness, the soft melancholy and in particular the people. I love Russians. They have a big heart, are helpful, one can passionately discuss with them for hours politics, art and many other topics and they can always again surprise me. I admit that my Russian is a bit rusty. Read More »

Russia with Love

Russland hat mich schon immer fasziniert. Die Vielfalt, die Literatur, das Ballett, Theater, die Weite, die sanfte Wehmut und vor allem die Leute. Ich liebe Russen. Sie haben ein grosses Herz, sind hilfsbereit, man kann mit ihnen stundenlang leidenschaftlich über Politik, Kunst und etliche Themen diskutieren und sie können mich immer wieder überraschen. Read More »

The Irish story

I was visiting a small Irish town for one day. In the late afternoon I was making to see the sights of the town. It was a small straightforward town and there was not much historical to see. I ended up at a tiny church, surrounded by a small graveyard. It was very simple, with only few stones without any decorations or flowers. Only the inscriptions on the grave stones told little stories.Read More »