How to grow old

I’ve read that people are not afraid of death, but of dying and actually it’s about the fear of the pain and the strangeness. It’s similar with getting older. I don’t think people are afraid of old age. Getting older brings a lot of positive things with it.

You know yourself and don’t have to prove anything to yourself or others (not everyone, but probably the majority). Experience allows you to make decisions that would not have been possible when you were younger, and the social network you have built up over the years is so strong that you can’t fall. Those who enjoy learning throughout their lives learn new things and keep up with the latest technological developments well into old age. Old age then brings with it some physical ailments and dwindling energy. For some, also limited mental flexibility. The fear of old age is more a fear of the negative consequences it brings.

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Life in times of Corona XV

Helen was very happy when she became a grandmother. Finally, she thought. The risk was great that her only daughter would rather have a career than take the time to give birth to at least one child.

Helen was a dedicated grandmother. Whenever her daughter needed help, she was there and helped where necessary, even though she was still working 100%. But that was before Corona. In March everything changed. The visits became fewer and fewer and more and more distant, one was not allowed to hug each other.

Helen was in the risk category with her diabetes and although it was very difficult for her, she reduced her visits to her daughter and grandchild to a Sunday afternoon walk with them. The little one began to become estranged from Helen. This hurt even more.

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I’m stupid!!!

I need to manage a lot of different projects at the moment. My calendar is fully booked and there isn’t space for anything new until the end of October. But when the call came in, I knew that it was an emergency and that I needed to help. I had to move all my appointments, had to apologise to a lot of people and arrange new meetings. Friday was thus fully booked out from morning till evening. As I travel a lot, I am well organised and I find packing easy. But because of this exceptional situation I had to take an additional bag.

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Can you really have everything?

Susanne went into politics as a young lady. She was an exceptional case. Pretty, smart, kind, barely of age and she had high moral expectations for the people around her and for herself. There was no meeting that she appeared to unprepared. There was no topic that she was unwilling to buckle down for and understand.  She put endless hours into the party’s work. Five evenings a week plus weren’t an exception.

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The last choice

On Sunday I enjoyed the sunshine in a small café beside the lake. My youngest was playing in the play area close by and I had one of those infrequent moments, when I could just watch the people around me aimlessly.Read More »

Childless Flights

One could write a list of things that make flying very uncomfortable. Perhaps the individual things would vary in importance from person to person, but in all probability, one would find the same items on the TOP 10 lists of the majority of frequent flyers. These include delays, canceled flights, missed connections, narrow seats and rows, overstuffed luggage racks, neighbors with unpleasant “emissions,” lost luggage, restless toddlers and overbooked flights.Read More »

Tante Martha

DSCI0425DSCI0434DSCI0408DSCI0412DSCI0415I am privileged. The people I work with, are too. We have an exciting, challenging job. We deal with things which maybe in one months will be on the title page of the business journal as business event of the month. We are surrounded by highly motivated, clever, experienced people, where the entire knowledge about business can be collected with a simple phone call. We are encouraged, trained, made sought-after specialists. At the same time the team has a strong team spirit, is helping and supporting each other, if things get difficult.Read More »

Invitation: QuoVATis Masterclass Pharma & Life Science

People walking outside an office building - PwC, Photo_RGB_PC_ 395.jpgI would like to invite you to our Pharma & Life Science event to discuss diverse VAT aspects within the fields of VAT, Pharma & Life Science together with other specialist in the industry and international experts of PwC in this area, who are dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry.





  • Thursday, 27 August 2015 (DE)
    9.00 am – 12.30 pm
    Place: PwC Zurich
  • Thursday, 29 October 2015 (EN)
    1.30 pm – 5.oo pm
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Inflammation of the Achilles tendon (Achilles tendinitis)

Living healthy is impossible. It took a long time until I understood. But sometime it became clear to me that life is not doable without damaging one’s own body. Once can resign from sugar, white flour, alcohol, coffee, maybe even meat. But soon one notices that the 5 portions of fruits per day, as recommended by the cancer foundation, make the dental enamel melt because of the aggressive acid and remedies are difficult.Read More »

2 on the back

PwC_Swiz_Zurich_C_MB_41.jpgIn the last years I listened to several of my colleagues. They are successful and well respected men, who often told me with tears in their eyes the stories of their marriages, their relationships. The stories were about women, who had informed them out of the blue that they did not want to continue living like that and that they would move out tomorrow or wished that the partner moved out as soon as possible. My colleagues were shocked and not at all prepared for such news. They did not understand the world any more. The glass cube of the relationship seemed broken and beyond repair. Read More »