Life in times of Corona XIV

When we were locked up at home in March this year along with our worries and fears, it was almost unbearable. I walked the same route up the mountain almost every day. And I did it in every weather. I had to get out, clear my head, see the city below me from a different perspective, keep my distance. The path I took was incredibly steep. I felt like a chamois, like a person who only knows sports from television. The first few times the steepest part of the way – almost 600 m – was not possible without having a break.

Somehow, I was ashamed of myself and still I had to take a short break 2 or 3 times to gasp for air. One day, around the end of April, I saw two people running the same distance. At first, I didn’t quite believe it, but gradually I realized: yes, that’s possible and the idea flashed through my mind, that’s what I want to do. The wish is one thing, the implementation is another. Throughout the spring I went up this mountain countless times and found my peace there, which could not be found in the valley. But to run up this mountain, although my condition was getting better day by day, was out of the question.

Then the summer came and instead of the mountain I spent my free time on the lake. I always looked at the mountain while swimming. Especially at the end of August and in September when the summer was coming to an end, but the water was still pleasant. I swam into the sunset and watched how the last sunrays were reflected in the windows of the houses in the lower half of the mountain. I rarely visited the mountain. The autumn became desolate again. As long as the trees have colored leaves it still works, but when they lose them and there is the eternal fog in the valley that swallows everything, it becomes really bleak. At the same time, I had so much to do that I didn’t even get to walk up the mountain regularly.

In the fog I saw nothing and only smelled the forest behind me. Only the fresh air and running were the reward. There was no nice view or even a view at all.

And then last week, it was already dark when I was finally done with all my duties and I looked out of the window and saw how clear it was, no fog. I got such a desire to run up my mountain that I got dressed and ran out. Of course, I forgot the headlamp, but I know the way now almost with my eyes closed.

I ran up and felt an incredible amount of energy. I had an incredible lightness and at the same time a lot of power. I left the path with public lighting and plunged into the darkness but behind me the city shone. It was challenging and on the last few hundred meters I felt my lungs. But I had enough energy to conquer this steep slope in total darkness. On the top I was overcome by an eerie feeling and a beautiful view of the illuminated city below me. I don’t know how many meters of altitude I left behind me; I don’t really care. But the feeling to make it, what I thought in spring is unattainable for me, was just overwhelming.

There is no moral in this story. Just a good feeling and a few nice pictures as a souvenir.

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