My new app leads me!!

Out of the fog and into the sun. I wanted to do that on Sunday. Therefore you have to go to the mountains, it’s the only way at the moment. Equipped with my new app “Komoot” I chose a hiking trail. I didn’t want a walk, but a challenging tour with a good incline. My new app knows that my conditions are good, so it suggests difficult tours.

The beginning was still mild, but soon there was a pretty steep ascent. I soon had to take off my sweater because the steep mountain demanded a lot from me at this speed.

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Life in times of Corona XIV

When we were locked up at home in March this year along with our worries and fears, it was almost unbearable. I walked the same route up the mountain almost every day. And I did it in every weather. I had to get out, clear my head, see the city below me from a different perspective, keep my distance. The path I took was incredibly steep. I felt like a chamois, like a person who only knows sports from television. The first few times the steepest part of the way – almost 600 m – was not possible without having a break.

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New York, once again

There are many beautiful places on this earth. There are places, where fascinating things happen, places with a special vibe, but New York is a class of its own.

I travel to New York to visit my clients. And it’s always the same deal: I know in advance, that I will work like crazy. That I will not get enough sleep and that my tiredness will rob me of my ability to think properly. All that scares me. But then I get to experience things, which are simply impossible to live anywhere else in the world.Read More »

Freedom and its consequences

I love to sail the catamaran (Hobby Cat). That thing can be very fast and with wind force 5 BF one flies over the waves like a weightless bird.

I am a passionate sailor and prepared to endure some pain for the feeling of boundlessness in time and space. Since I am not a very good sailor but just a passionate one, my boat causes quite some pain to me. Don’t get me wrong. Masochism is not my scene. Read More »

Limits of freedom

My son has an incomprehensible panic-fuelled fear of dogs. Rationality does not help much there. We went to visits my mother’s sister for a few days, who has three lovely small dogs. The beginning was difficult but after two days the dogs and my son were best friends. His panic-fuelled fear towards unknown dogs had changed into friendly respect. I was very glad.

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