My new app leads me!!

Out of the fog and into the sun. I wanted to do that on Sunday. Therefore you have to go to the mountains, it’s the only way at the moment. Equipped with my new app “Komoot” I chose a hiking trail. I didn’t want a walk, but a challenging tour with a good incline. My new app knows that my conditions are good, so it suggests difficult tours.

The beginning was still mild, but soon there was a pretty steep ascent. I soon had to take off my sweater because the steep mountain demanded a lot from me at this speed.

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Grosse Scheidegg and Bussalp

Get out of the fog, which can be so thick that it completely envelops you, swallows you and takes your breath away. The fog gets on my nerves. Every now and then when I get up in the morning and now, unfortunately, far too often in autumn, there is nothing to see out of the window. Only a thick white layer of fog. This white can be very persistent and just stays lazy in the valley where I live. Now and then it stays the whole day until late in the evening. If you can endure several such days in a row without becoming depressed, you have a very robust constitution. Actually I am such a person, but my energy storage is not infinite either. Sun, air and exercise usually help.

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Life in times of Corona XIV

When we were locked up at home in March this year along with our worries and fears, it was almost unbearable. I walked the same route up the mountain almost every day. And I did it in every weather. I had to get out, clear my head, see the city below me from a different perspective, keep my distance. The path I took was incredibly steep. I felt like a chamois, like a person who only knows sports from television. The first few times the steepest part of the way – almost 600 m – was not possible without having a break.

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From summer through to autumn I went to the lake quite often. There’s nothing more wonderful to me than swimming, canoeing or sailing outdoors, on the water. The vastness of the sea, it’s movement, it’s quite a meditative matter even though it actually is quite physically demanding. I then saw this little group on the grass next to the lake again and again. Up to thirty people practising yoga.

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Wild garlic

I find the plant fascinating. The first time I encountered it is years ago in my childhood. My best friend said then that she would take me to a secret place where a magic plant grows. But I mustn’t tell anyone and had to swear on the life of my parents. Whow, that was something! My fantasy began to run at high speed and I tried to imagine the place and the plant’s magical power. Colourful pictures of a jungle full of danger shot through my head and I felt as if I was in the presence of a magical herb that up to then had remained hidden from the world but has the power at a stroke to free the world of all diseases.Read More »

Gaudi versus Weber

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGaudí, a name which stands for Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia, one of the most breath-taking churches, which I ever saw, park Güell, houses, which he was able to build in Barcelona in order to fill them with specially designed furniture. The world talks about him with reference and is queuing to admire his works. Read More »