Life in times of Corona XI – Triathlon Swimming

I am afraid of a possible lockdown. The idea that we will be locked up again, as is already the case in certain states, is more than spooky and scares me. I get rid of my worries and frustrations well through movement. Movement within your own four walls is possible but very limited. The best way I can recover is to do a good stretch of powerful crawling. Swimming always helps. Afterwards the mental ballast together with many calories is out of my body and the daily routine can start again.

During the lockdown in spring all indoor swimming pools were closed. That was bad. I like swimming, but when the water temperature drops below 17 degrees, it’s no longer an option for me. It’s just stress and no fun. The meditative and floating state through repetitive movement cannot be achieved in cold water. So unfortunately, not a single lake was an option for me although I have one practically on my doorstep. Only in June I could swim in the lake again.

However, since I assumed (and God knows don’t want to be right!!) that in autumn or winter a new closure of all indoor swimming pools would be possible, I bought a wetsuit for triathlon athletes. I am used to wetsuits from sailing, but this piece of equipment really takes getting used to. Apart from the fact that it is very expensive. I wasn’t willing to spend so much money without trying how the swim in the tight suit feels. I borrowed an excerpt and tried it in the lake in stormy weather. The waves were huge, and the water temperature was actually higher than the air temperature. It was hardly possible to swim properly because of the huge waves. I was not cold for a single second. Driven by the fear of not being able to swim the next winter, I bought this wonder thing of technology.

Putting on the suit takes longer than putting on the fencing equipment. The rubber of the suit is very sensitive, and any nail scratch can reduce its protective functions. In addition, the suit is tight, but logically, it must feel like a second skin. So, it is best to use textile gloves to get into the suit. Pouring yourself into the suit, which probably best describes how I do it, is exhausting. Very much so. Yesterday I did it for the first time on the empty lakeshore. I also put on gloves and foot socks, as well as a special swimming cap. Fully dressed, I look like a black Cervelat (sausage). The whole dressing takes forever. Although the air outside was relatively fresh, I was very warm because of the effort to get into the suit.

No idea what temperature the lake had yesterday. I left my gloves on the shore and felt the cold of the water on my hands, which was very pleasant. So, it was not that bad at all. But swimming in this triathlon suit is not easy. The fabric sucks on the skin, so there is no room for the cold water. At the same time there is buoyancy. All the time I had the feeling of being pulled to the water surface.

The freedom of movement is already there but limited. Maybe because my suit is new. After 20 minutes swimming I was tired. The resistance of the fabric is greater than I imagined.

I came out of the water quite exhausted. Not far away from me, people in thick jackets and caps were walking and I pulled myself to the empty shore and my body radiated incredible warmth. Home I could walk short-sleeved (I didn’t have far to go).

I was exhausted but happy to have bought this suit. I don’t want a lockdown, but should it come, I am prepared. If we are allowed to leave the apartments, there is a good chance that I can keep my mental balance with the help of modern material technology and the lake.

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