The ski lift

During my youth the T-bar ski lift was the most common. Today it is the exact opposite. The T-bar is the exception. However, what I could experience this week on the few rides on the only T-Bar in the ski resort was very entertaining. I am fascinated by how the 3 and 4-year-olds are able to speed down the slopes and that there is no slope that would have been too difficult for them to try. I observed ski classes where adult ski teachers were skiing with 3 to 5-year-old toddlers. The test or the trial took place at the T-bar. The little ones had to go up the slope in pairs. The slope was very steep in some parts. The ski teacher helped them get on the T-bar because the times where the T-bars were operated by assistant workers is for the large part over. Nevertheless, the little ski drivers had to let themselves and their ski sticks be pulled up the slope.

We were closely behind them. There were three groups of children of the age of four and five years old. All were small to tiny. After about 200 metres one of them dropped their glove, we were able to pick it up without a problem. Unfortunately, he lost his balance after another fifty metres and fell. As a result, the other also lost his balance but was able to hold onto the rope with both hands. That is a very challenging posture. Particularly, when it gets steep. The other pair in front of them was dangerously trying to hold its balance but was able to not lose its balance. Instead, the girl lost both ski sticks and because they fell far from one another we were only able to pick up one of them.

The last little pair was able to get to about two thirds of the way at which point both of them slid due to the trail on the ground and as a result fell down. We had both our hands and respectively legs full in order to swerve around them and not to hurt them. The boy who gripped on tightly with both hands was able to get to the top. We handed them the gloves and the ski stick and a man behind us brought the other ski stick up. So far so good. There were no material losses.

We didn’t envy the ski teacher. Part of his crew got to the top and another part was scattered below the lift. In the end the whole group was able to get to the top. It just took a little longer than planned.

Little kids on skis are fearless and ski impressively well. The T-Bar however stays a true challenge even for the best of them.

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