The season has begun

I’m a passionate paddler, standing on the board.  In winter Switzerland is not suitable for this sport. The reason is simple, you never really know whether your own stability can withstand the weather conditions. Occasionally it can’t. In winter the water is 5 degrees centigrade and a bath in the lake could end fatally. I enjoy life too much for that.

Therefore, I yearn for rising water temperatures and calm wind conditions. Last weekend the water was 7 degrees and the wind conditions seemed to be stable. I couldn’t resist. Equipped with shoes, gloves, cap and safety vest I set off onto the lake. The calm was indescribable. The peace, the cold but with warming rays of sun, the isolation (there’s no telephone and no other water sports enthusiasts) I enjoyed the indescribable feeling of being at peace with the world. It was just great. After weeks of internal sorrow at last I have found peace.

But as so often nature is unpredictable. In spite of the weather forecast, which didn’t foresee wind, the wind got up. Obviously, I paddled only close to the shore and obviously, I could have stopped at any time and gone on shore, but then I would have had to carry my board at least 2 kilometres. The wind grew stronger and I could no longer stand but had to kneel down to avoid losing my balance. The paddling became one-sided – always only on the right-hand side and therefore really strenuous. I felt the cold water, but I wasn’t cold.

Without an accident and without an involuntary bath I reached my staring point again. The season has begun. And respect for the superior strength of nature again became clear. I am looking forward to the summer!

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