Michaela Merz

Pauline’s story

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I met Pauline during the holidays while shopping. It’s incredible, how small the world is. I had not seen her for at least 15 years. Pauline had changed but her hairstyle was still the same as back then. And because one does have time to chat during the holidays, we went to a nearby café after shopping in order to catch up on all the important changes in our lives.

Pauline had successfully finished her studies, had married her first love, and had a son. Today she works as a judge and is struggling with her pubescent son. She lives alone with her son and is satisfied with her life.

I asked her why they had separated. I could still remember how inseparable they had been as a couple in their early years.

Pauline, who had appeared very happy until then, became thoughtful and I realised that I had met a weak point with my question.

“We did not separate” she said, “he left me”. It became very quiet between the two of us. I did not dare to ask any further questions and Pauline seemed to be very far away.

It was bad enough that he left but what I don’t understand until today is why”, Pauline said and became quiet again. I sat there and the situation became weird. Then she continued “He left me because of a man, with whom he lives until today”.

Now I definitely felt unwell. To imagine such situation was really difficult. Since then I over and over again think of Pauline and the fact that always and everywhere in live there might by some unknown surprise.



Bildquelle: Lupo / pixelio.de

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