Alma and the law which does not tolerate any exceptions

592855_web_R_by_birgitH_pixelio.deAlma had achieved a lot of which others can only dream of. A career in a medium sized company up to the management and this as the only woman. An intact, functioning family with a diligent husband in a similar job position as she had. An unproblematic child, which brought home good marks, behaved itself and hardly ever gave reason to be angry.Read More »

Pauline’s story

I met Pauline during the holidays while shopping. It’s incredible, how small the world is. I had not seen her for at least 15 years. Pauline had changed but her hairstyle was still the same as back then. And because one does have time to chat during the holidays, we went to a nearby café after shopping in order to catch up on all the important changes in our lives.Read More »

No warm water

Last year a young man moved into our house. He works as a janitor. Until I met him I never would have thought how diversified and exciting the work of a janitor can be.

If there is nice weather almost the entire house community meets in the garden at the barbecue and then stories are told and people laugh. After this year’s endlessly long winter, spring with its warm temperatures and sun arrived. Read More »