589097_web_R_K_by_Christian v.R._pixelio.de111423_web_R_K_by_Domino_pixelio.deThe small island in the North Sea close to the northern coast, the little brother of the well-known Sylt, is very cosy and easy-going. It is a German summer holiday paradise just like straight out of the picture book. The houses and their front gardens are in best condition, life is well-ordered and everyone sticks to the rules. Foreign tourists are rare. One is among equals. German holidays in its finest.

On the wonderful beach path it is not allowed to go by bike, neither in the pedestrian zone between 10am and 10pm. One section of the beach is reserved for dogs, one for kiting, one for skinny-dipping, one for sports, and so on. Waste is separated. Children are admonished if they don’t behave properly. From the first look at it everything seems very regularised and restricting but soon one realises that the German rules and their consequent observation simplify life together and prevent conflicts.

Foehr lives of tourism and during the summer months fills up to the very last bed in order to get empty again starting in September. Foehr is delightful flat and a bike tour around the island is a wonderful experience. Once passes houses with thatched roofs and can watch how such a roof is done. On the cemeteries are speaking stones, which tell about the lives of ship captains and whalers in concise words. One is born, gets married, is blessed with children, achieves fame as captain, buries the wife and dies oneself. One can spend hours on the cemeteries just reading the stones. Exciting stories appear.

What have Foehr and San Francisco in common? At both places the people are extremely helpful. It was almost irritating. I go by bike, stop, take out the map from my backpack and want to look whether the forest track is the shortcut which I would like to take. In that second someone is standing at my side and is offering help. Just as in San Francisco I hardly dare to take out the map.

Really fascinating and not to be compared with anything is the Wadden Sea. The sea disappears and leaves a landscape with crabs, blow lugs, shells and similar small animals, which can be discovered by foot. The feet enjoy it and it is balm for the soul.

Those who think that this island is just a perfect destination for the elderly (and that’s true), they are mistaken because due to the wind it offers a lot of action for those, who associate water and wind with a catamaran, a dinghy or a surf board. Yes, one can do all that.

As a highlight I had crab soup with a topping of whipped cream. To be enjoyed best at sunset at the south beach.

Windy North Sea with perfect German organisation is a wonderful place to fully relax.


Bildquelle: Christian v.R. & Domino/

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