Kevin, Darren and their unforgettable Birthday celebration

Kevin and Darren were nearly the same age. The distance between their Birthdays was only one week. They celebrated one weekend at one place and the other weekend at the other one’s place. Especially Kevin’s 8th birthday party that his mom had very smartly organised in the forest went really well.

Who can really be bothered to have a mob of 10 kids for several hours in their own flat?! The damage repair would then take even longer than the preparation itself.

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Klara and the twins

Klara is 26-years-old and went to visit the technical library with her 4-year-old twins Dina and Tina. She wanted to get some books to be able to finish her work paper.

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Can you really have everything?

Susanne went into politics as a young lady. She was an exceptional case. Pretty, smart, kind, barely of age and she had high moral expectations for the people around her and for herself. There was no meeting that she appeared to unprepared. There was no topic that she was unwilling to buckle down for and understand.  She put endless hours into the party’s work. Five evenings a week plus weren’t an exception.

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Poncelet polygons sitting in a special projective pencil are affinely regular

I was at the maths department at the university of Zurich to listen to the results of a piece of work.  

I already knew what the discussion would be about, they were to discuss the possibility of a polygon spinning evenly in an ellipse. But I have to admit that frankly, I didn’t understand any of it.

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Wadu has a problem

405672_web_r_k_b_by_manfred-schimmel_pixelio-deUntil yesterday the world was still in order. But today his girlfriend came to him and said that she wanted a child. Wadu likes children, but he doesn’t want any of his own. That’s what they agreed 6 years ago when they moved in together.
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Leonie’s three kids and puberty

Die-vier-Hauptlappen-Lobi-des-Neokortex-ThinkNeuroRecently, I had a coffee with Leonie. Leonie has three kids, all of them in puberty. This is a challenging period, when many things get out of balance. Not only with the adolescents themselves, but also in the relationship between them and their parents.

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Christmas present

750086_web_R_K_B_by_Tim Reckmann_pixelio.deIt is easy to give presents to children as long as they are small. The best is the time when they still believe that there is a third power bringing the presents. The Christ child, Santa Claus or the Easter bunny. There is just joy and enthusiasm. It is simply wonderful and incredibly beautiful to watch how a child enjoys.Read More »

Affiliation and language

20151106_PuppenI received an invitation for the puppet theatre. Punch and the brave Jakob were on the programme. A puppet theatre like many others across Europe. The amazing about this puppet show is the fact that it is shown in Slovakian in Zurich. And the show is full. About 200 visitors see the puppet theatre. For me it is every time wonderful and surprising how the Slovak community abroad works. Read More »

Hamburg – a city for big and small










I am honest. We did not want to go to Hamburg. We wanted to go to the North Sea but when planning the journey it turned out that a flight to Hamburg and an onward journey by train would be the ideal travel route.Read More »


589097_web_R_K_by_Christian v.R._pixelio.de111423_web_R_K_by_Domino_pixelio.deThe small island in the North Sea close to the northern coast, the little brother of the well-known Sylt, is very cosy and easy-going.Read More »