Why I’m not afraid of big animals

When I was 5 years old, I used to spend the summer with my mother and grandmother in a tiny village of only 5 houses. It was the last summer before I started school. My biggest issue at that point was that people always mistook me for a boy. I was very small, weighed only 20kg and had short hair. I truly looked like a boy but felt entirely girly. My environment didn’t always notice that.

That summer, a guy named Roy rented a room in the same house. I have no idea how old Roy might have been. Maybe 50? Could have been 60? He was ancient for me but really funny.Read More »

Swimming in a crowd – a late summer in Zurich

I grew up in Prague during communism. During that time, one feature of this city of more than a million inhabitants was its near complete evacuation every weekend. All my friends escaped to either a small vacation house, summer cottage or holiday villa. Most social life took place in small villages. On Fridays, the cars would be loaded up, a weekend of parties and dance evenings would follow, and on Sunday, the traffic column would move back in the direction of the capital. Read More »

What to do on Sunday in Basel with 38 °C

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My youngest one (8) and his cousin (6) play together well. But we had agreed that we will spend together an exciting, eventful day in Basel. This should not be too difficult because Basel has many things to offer. The only challenge is that the temperature is 38°C in the shadow. After a few steps in the sun one involuntarily becomes a sweat fountain. We thus asked ourselves what to do at 38°C?Read More »


589097_web_R_K_by_Christian v.R._pixelio.de111423_web_R_K_by_Domino_pixelio.deThe small island in the North Sea close to the northern coast, the little brother of the well-known Sylt, is very cosy and easy-going.Read More »

The unpleasant truth

The days are getting warmer and dresses more daring. Today in the morning Melanie came to the office and was upset. I wanted to know what had happened because she had red spots in the face, which usually appear when she is stressed.

She complained that a young man had offered her a seat in the tram. First I thought that emancipation was that advanced with her that she would be angry about this instead of pleased. Read More »

Drug dealer?

I do sports in the morning. In summer this is wonderful. The air is not yet so hot and very fresh, the birds are chirping. The first sunrays are a wonderful motivation, if they reach through the water and light the pool. In winter it’s completely different. Outside it is pitch-black and very often like today foggy and very quiet. Read More »

Insurance questions

Do you know what is covered by your insurance policy? Or better, do you know what damages are not covered?

It is raining. Without end. After the hard winter and the inexistent spring it now looks as if we would get a rainy summer.

The pictures of the flooded villages and cities cause much pain for me. What suffering!! What blows of fate!Read More »