snowdrop-701259_1280Spring has arrived. At least astronomically. There is not much to be felt of it because the air is cold and the dense fog does not really awake spring fever. However, my statement is not entirely correct; spring fever comes at least when looking at the flowers and their colourful heads poking out.

It is Sunday morning, cold and foggy, and the entire area seems to be still asleep. However I am magically pulled to go outside. I put on a cap, helmet and my gloves and go biking into the forest. There is a deserted silence, accompanied by birdsongs. But somehow one can feel that the entire forest is filled with life and activity.

Then I already turn right and mentally prepare for the first climb. As in the last year there are two large puddles filled with frog spawn in the curve. In the last moment I avoid it in order to not crush them under my wheels. Astonished I think what may pull the frogs to these two temporary water expanses, which will disappear with rising temperatures. Last year we started exactly here a rescue mission for the tadpoles in order to save them from drying out and this year they are here again.

About one kilometre later three deer cross my way and again a bit later at the next rise I have the feeling of being watched. And indeed, on the slope opposite is a fawn with escort. Almost on my way home I hear a noise which I cannot put anywhere. After a few metres I see them. Several storks stand on a football pitch and produce with their beaks a clattering noise unknown to me. Obviously also the storks returned already. Shortly afterwards is a sign with the picture of a frog and the note that they now have right of way. But there are none to be seen.

Even if the air is cold and the fog dense, it can be felt everywhere that spring is not just a matter of calendar.

Bildquelle: Pixabay

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