Michaela Merz

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Visit to the natural swimming pool for 3.50 Swiss Franc

155523_web_R_by_Momo111_pixelio.deWith my youngest one, who currently has the same shoes size as my mother, we decided on Sunday to get to know the natural swimming pool.

I imagined something resembling a little lake in the middle of the forest. Concerning the water temperature my expectations were right. Continue reading

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snowdrop-701259_1280Spring has arrived. At least astronomically. There is not much to be felt of it because the air is cold and the dense fog does not really awake spring fever. However, my statement is not entirely correct; spring fever comes at least when looking at the flowers and their colourful heads poking out. Continue reading

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Too much is too much (collecting mushrooms 2)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI visited my mother in her house close to the German border in Bohemian Forest. At the beginning of September it was marvellous and in comparison to the cold and rainy Zurich simply wonderful. In the evening one could sit outside in the garden in T-shirt, during the day the sun was shining just as in midsummer and next to me my satisfied mother. All wishes fulfilled. Continue reading

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Lost in the forest (www.mapy.cz)

It is summer, warm, in the evenings it is light until late. After almost 30 years I have returned to the forest of my childhood. Back then I knew this forest inside out. We collected mushrooms, raspberries and blueberries. We climbed on raised hides, built tiny huts and played cops and robbers. I knew the forest and its hideouts. Continue reading

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Limits of freedom

My son has an incomprehensible panic-fuelled fear of dogs. Rationality does not help much there. We went to visits my mother’s sister for a few days, who has three lovely small dogs. The beginning was difficult but after two days the dogs and my son were best friends. His panic-fuelled fear towards unknown dogs had changed into friendly respect. I was very glad.

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