One Sunday in Zug – Vintage car show

If you buy an electrical appliance in Switzerland, the consumer pays a recycling fee at the time of purchase and the fee is not inexpensive. For a washing machine you will have to pay 30 CHF. Actually, you could just pay this at the time of disposal, but the lawgiver does not trust its citizens. Who knows how we dispose of all of our old phones, tablets and small appliances? Some of them would end up in the regular rubbish bin, probably as a result of our inclination towards convenience or thriftiness. Read More »

Visit to the natural swimming pool for 3.50 Swiss Franc

155523_web_R_by_Momo111_pixelio.deWith my youngest one, who currently has the same shoes size as my mother, we decided on Sunday to get to know the natural swimming pool.

I imagined something resembling a little lake in the middle of the forest. Concerning the water temperature my expectations were right.Read More »


snowdrop-701259_1280Spring has arrived. At least astronomically. There is not much to be felt of it because the air is cold and the dense fog does not really awake spring fever. However, my statement is not entirely correct; spring fever comes at least when looking at the flowers and their colourful heads poking out. Read More »

Gaudi versus Weber

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGaudí, a name which stands for Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia, one of the most breath-taking churches, which I ever saw, park Güell, houses, which he was able to build in Barcelona in order to fill them with specially designed furniture. The world talks about him with reference and is queuing to admire his works. Read More »

A usual Sunday

When I came home on Saturday evening, my first way was to my vegetable garden. My vegetable garden is my pride, my baby, my passion. As with one’s own children, the success is mixed. Every now and then it works out marvellous and then we, all our neighbours and half of the family in Switzerland and abroad eat the fruits of my efforts. So for example six years ago, when I had planted cauliflower and it had grown like mad. For weeks we ate cauliflower dishes with the effect that since then the children refuse to eat cauliflower. Organic or not.Read More »