It was a wonderful day. In the morning it was windless and sunny. In the afternoon the wind increased and became stronger. The first kite surfers who had been waiting on the bank could now start. Within a very short time, many of them glided over the restless water. We watched them. The colorful kites, the big waves, the tricks they did with their kites, it was a great presentation.

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Water-skiing in autumn

It is the end of September. Thy sky is grey and cloudy and the wind is blowing strongly. I have to be honest and say that this Sunday morning I don’t feel like going on the lake to experience the joy of water-skiing. I would have preferred it if, because of the high wind, it were cancelled. I didn’t dare to call it off myself, because I would have to pay for the hour and in addition would have looked like a failure and wimp.Read More »


IMG_20160811_190224I have no idea why I am drawn as if by magic to wind and water. It just happens.

I have respect for water, but never fear. Despite the drastic methods, the first swimming course, to which my parents had sent me, did not succeed in diluting my love for water. I can remember a screaming trainer, who had thrown us into the deep-end and insisted that we swim to the other side of the pool to gain confidence. That was difficult, because we didn’t really know how to do so. Read More »


snowdrop-701259_1280Spring has arrived. At least astronomically. There is not much to be felt of it because the air is cold and the dense fog does not really awake spring fever. However, my statement is not entirely correct; spring fever comes at least when looking at the flowers and their colourful heads poking out. Read More »

The lonely sunflower

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‎In our street the water pipes below the street were replaced. This is for sure necessary and to be welcomed but for me as a resident it meant incredible two years of noise, a road which could hardly be used and lots of trouble with an often closed access road. I did not enjoy it. After half a year I was fed up and had little understanding for the construction workers.Read More »

Freedom and its consequences

I love to sail the catamaran (Hobby Cat). That thing can be very fast and with wind force 5 BF one flies over the waves like a weightless bird.

I am a passionate sailor and prepared to endure some pain for the feeling of boundlessness in time and space. Since I am not a very good sailor but just a passionate one, my boat causes quite some pain to me. Don’t get me wrong. Masochism is not my scene. Read More »

Insurance questions

Do you know what is covered by your insurance policy? Or better, do you know what damages are not covered?

It is raining. Without end. After the hard winter and the inexistent spring it now looks as if we would get a rainy summer.

The pictures of the flooded villages and cities cause much pain for me. What suffering!! What blows of fate!Read More »

No warm water

Last year a young man moved into our house. He works as a janitor. Until I met him I never would have thought how diversified and exciting the work of a janitor can be.

If there is nice weather almost the entire house community meets in the garden at the barbecue and then stories are told and people laugh. After this year’s endlessly long winter, spring with its warm temperatures and sun arrived. Read More »


Such a catamaran is a funny thing to sail. Two swimming skids, between them a net and two sails. I love sailing with a catamaran. The thing is fast, demanding and it feels like heaven, when it flies over the waves with stronger wind!

I am a terribly bad pilot and I managed to capsize even with the most experienced teachers. But when I am hanging in the trapeze outside of the boat, the wind is blowing and the water spraying, I feel like in heaven. Read More »