snowdrop-701259_1280Spring has arrived. At least astronomically. There is not much to be felt of it because the air is cold and the dense fog does not really awake spring fever. However, my statement is not entirely correct; spring fever comes at least when looking at the flowers and their colourful heads poking out. Read More »

The bringer of happiness

Outside it is still cold but the signs of spring are not to be overlooked. The trees are bare, the sky is grey and rainy and our neighbourhood resembles a construction site. Everywhere streets are ripped open, rubble, humps of soil, heavy construction machines and closed sidewalks. I know that in one or two years it will be splendid but right now and for more than one year everything is grey, dirty and loud around our place.Read More »

Insurance questions

Do you know what is covered by your insurance policy? Or better, do you know what damages are not covered?

It is raining. Without end. After the hard winter and the inexistent spring it now looks as if we would get a rainy summer.

The pictures of the flooded villages and cities cause much pain for me. What suffering!! What blows of fate!Read More »