Michaela Merz


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Such a catamaran is a funny thing to sail. Two swimming skids, between them a net and two sails. I love sailing with a catamaran. The thing is fast, demanding and it feels like heaven, when it flies over the waves with stronger wind!

I am a terribly bad pilot and I managed to capsize even with the most experienced teachers. But when I am hanging in the trapeze outside of the boat, the wind is blowing and the water spraying, I feel like in heaven. 

Sailing a catamaran in strong wind is not for the ones afraid of water. Once in Thailand the current brought huge jellyfish with it. They were bigger than a basketball, transparent with a slight hint of purple or pink. In principle they are pretty to look at. However when one is sailing a catamaran, they are just a nuisance. They knock out the rudder and bring the ride to a stand-still. And back then, it was also very windy. A moment of non-attention, a jelly-fish on top of it and the catamaran turned around and capsized. The sails ended up in the water and I – hanging in the trapeze – flew around like a tennis ball and ended up hanging in the air.

How do I free myself from this awkward situation and how do I turn around the catamaran around so that the sails are again above the water surface and I can return to the shore? After countless unsuccessful tries with the help of the wind (how else?!?) and close to despair, I finally managed to turn around the catamaran!

The most severe accident with a catamaran I had at the Robinson Club in Greece. A moment of non-attention together with a wind gust, a wrong reaction and I was hanging in the trapeze. I was flying through the air and my thigh hit the metal mast. A pang of pain and an according scream were the side effects. Thanks God, nothing was broken but on the second day my thigh was blue, purple up to slightly black. The Germans are very nice. But when on the second day the fifth German made me aware that I have a blue thigh, I was fed up. When the next woman asked me what I had done to get such a blue thigh I just answered shorty: “sadomaso games!” and walked on.

I just heard that her approx. 7-years-old daughter asked: “Mum, what kind of games are these?” The answer of the mother I did not understand acoustically. For sure it would have been interesting to hear?!?

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