A gut feeling

It is Sunday, the wind is sweeping over Lago Maggiore and creating small waves, sometimes with a sprinkling of white foam. I’m sitting in my Laser, a small one-man yacht, in which even when there is scarcely any wind one gets a wet bottom. I’m sailing from Ascona to Ronco with the objective of sailing round the tiny island of Brissago and then returning with a following wind to the harbour in Ascona.Read More »

My new job

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo sail a catamaran 16 on the sea requires quite some experience, even if one only sails along the shore. I learnt to have a lot of respect of the sea and even more respect at places which I don’t know. Currents, sudden changes in weather, unpredictable winds can cause bad surprises, which are truly challenging. When travelling I often observe that I don’t share this opinion with many people.Read More »


Such a catamaran is a funny thing to sail. Two swimming skids, between them a net and two sails. I love sailing with a catamaran. The thing is fast, demanding and it feels like heaven, when it flies over the waves with stronger wind!

I am a terribly bad pilot and I managed to capsize even with the most experienced teachers. But when I am hanging in the trapeze outside of the boat, the wind is blowing and the water spraying, I feel like in heaven. Read More »