Capsized again

324052_web_r_k_b_by_kerstin-littke_pixelio-deThe bay is large, huge. You need binoculars even to be able to identify correctly the small yachts at the far end of the bay. The coloured sails help, the white sails mix with the colour of the water and disappear. Read More »

Freedom and its consequences

I love to sail the catamaran (Hobby Cat). That thing can be very fast and with wind force 5 BF one flies over the waves like a weightless bird.

I am a passionate sailor and prepared to endure some pain for the feeling of boundlessness in time and space. Since I am not a very good sailor but just a passionate one, my boat causes quite some pain to me. Don’t get me wrong. Masochism is not my scene. Read More »


Such a catamaran is a funny thing to sail. Two swimming skids, between them a net and two sails. I love sailing with a catamaran. The thing is fast, demanding and it feels like heaven, when it flies over the waves with stronger wind!

I am a terribly bad pilot and I managed to capsize even with the most experienced teachers. But when I am hanging in the trapeze outside of the boat, the wind is blowing and the water spraying, I feel like in heaven. Read More »

How Lotus saved me

I am on Kos. In Zurich it’s raining and cold. The weather is not worthy of the summer. Here in Kos it’s just marvellous. Sun, wind and sea. I am very well. Actually I am fantastic. That’s how relaxing summer holidays should be.

I am sailing a catamaran. It consists of two skids and two sails. I am hanging in my trapeze and race against wind and waves. It is a thrill of speed. Read More »

Jet ski and catamaran

I think jet skis are annoying. It is a water motorbike causing noise, waves and stink. Whether I’m swimming, sitting at the shore or sailing in catamaran, these jet skis rouse resentment and fear in me.

One does not need to be able to do anything special in order to rent such a thing. I also tried it but after 15 minutes it seemed boring in comparison to a sailing boat, canoeing or just swimming. Read More »