Grosse Scheidegg and Bussalp

Get out of the fog, which can be so thick that it completely envelops you, swallows you and takes your breath away. The fog gets on my nerves. Every now and then when I get up in the morning and now, unfortunately, far too often in autumn, there is nothing to see out of the window. Only a thick white layer of fog. This white can be very persistent and just stays lazy in the valley where I live. Now and then it stays the whole day until late in the evening. If you can endure several such days in a row without becoming depressed, you have a very robust constitution. Actually I am such a person, but my energy storage is not infinite either. Sun, air and exercise usually help.

The current situation with this extremely high workload, thick fog and corona-conditioned emotional tension is a rather toxic mix. It had to be something really challenging this weekend. I had to physically put myself out and recharge emotionally. Grindelwald is a place where things are really going really well. By bike to the big Scheidegg, to overcome 900 meters of altitude within 10 kilometers. No fiber stays dry there. The ascent demands the last of you, but the sunny weather and the phenomenal view are a fantastic reward. At the top, with my back against the wooden wall of the barn, I enjoyed the warming rays of the autumn sun as well as the expanse of the valley below me. And of course I forgot to take a dry t-shirt with me and then had to make the descent in the sticky, wet one.

On Sunday I went up the Bussalp until the end of the road. Nearly 1900 MüM. Down in the valley there was only cold and shadow and the higher up the mountain there was more and more sun and warmth. As the road was full of other cyclists yesterday, I was almost alone today. Silence, sun, space, a brook falling into the valley. Me with my bike, strained by the climb, sweaty (and I forgot the second dry t-shirt again!!) but infinitely balanced and satisfied. What a wonderful feeling.

At the top I enjoy the warmth and the view like yesterday. A feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. Gratefulness.

I know this is not a real story or it is one that can be told in two sentences. I climbed a very steep mountain twice in a row and it took a lot out of me. But mainly it helped me to get in harmony with myself.

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