Kazim and his dream Porsche 356

As long as Kazim could remember he had a dream. He wanted to have a Porsche but not just any Porsche, the Porsche ‘Speedster’. As a young boy he saved his pocket money to buy mini Porsche 365 car models and his room looked more like a Porsche exposition than a children’s bedroom. He never allowed his brother to play with his cars. After all, what if he broke them.

As he got older the dreams for his Porsche grew bigger. He already had his driver’s licence sorted at the age of 18. Now the big saving started. Kazim wanted a car but was torn back and forth. Should he buy an old car of a different brand which would match his budget or save up for years to be able to afford his dream car.

As Kazim was very disciplined and his dream was monstrously big, Kazim decided at the age where many go a little overboard and live excessively, to save every franc to get closer to his dream. And Kazim’s dream wasn’t just any Porsche, but the Porsche Speedster. That’s a lot of money, five holiday jobs aren’t enough to get the amount together. In addition to that there was years of frugality, saying no to fun. Hour long searches on the internet for the search of the right car. It was the dreaming, the anticipation with each franc that increased in his bank account.  

After a miserably long seven years, finally the moment had come. Kazim was so excited when he could place his order that he could barely sleep the night before. After the confirmation and his first deposit, he at first received a small, elegant white suitcase with the inscription ‘Porsche’. In black plastic foam lay six bottles with different cleaning agents. They looked like jewels, that the jeweller had presented on a black satin cushion. Kazim stroked them and already saw himself with the cleaning cloth in his hand as he devotedly took care of his dream car and how he would make it shine before driving off.

On the small white suitcase there was a combination lock with three rows of digits. Kazim didn’t want anyone to be able to look into his suitcase without his permission and so he quickly amended the number combination.

The next day, before going to work, he wanted to revel at the cleaning agents. But, oh no, he quickly gathered that he couldn’t remember the changed number combination.  He thought that he could still remember it and believed that the first number was a three. He tried it systematically, ‘301’, ‘302’, ‘303’ but after half an hour he still didn’t have any success. He spent the next weekend trying to figure out the number combination. He only had short breaks, but nothing worked. The anticipation turned into frustration.

He gave up on Sunday evening. He brought the suitcase back on Monday and outed himself as an ‘idiot’. Yes, they could help him. After all, this hadn’t been the first time, that someone had come back to them with this issue.

Now Kazim drives his dream. It is great and incredibly beautiful, but the anticipation was so too.

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