Kazim and his dream Porsche 356

As long as Kazim could remember he had a dream. He wanted to have a Porsche but not just any Porsche, the Porsche ‘Speedster’. As a young boy he saved his pocket money to buy mini Porsche 365 car models and his room looked more like a Porsche exposition than a children’s bedroom. He never allowed his brother to play with his cars. After all, what if he broke them.

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Loneliness of a working mum

81599_web_R_by_moschnifoto_pixelio.deWhen the job of the hermit in the Tamina canyon was advertised, seven people come forward despite the rather low salary. I can understand it. I am almost never alone respectively the few minutes of being alone have to be planned meticulously and strictly implemented.Read More »

November in New York

621187_web_R_by_Sylvia Krahl_pixelio.deNew York is terribly expensive but one pays for uniqueness. That’s the law of demand and supply. I have always wanted to make my turns with skating shoes on the absolutely tiny ice in front of the Rockefeller Center. The dream became true for mere 29 dollars entrance and 15 dollars for the rental of the skating shoes. But the adrenalin kick I already got before. In the news I saw a report about two men, who had been cleaning the windows of the highest building of the World Trade Center on Ground Zero out of a lift.Read More »

Fighting melancholia

On Saturday morning, my youngest one (6 years old) came crawling into my bed. He had just woken up and was sad. Terribly sad. His best friend had moved to Germany. Maybe he will never see her again. He was in no mood for getting up and grieved for the loss.Read More »