Rudolf received an airgun and airgun targets for his Birthday. His dad fixed several thick wooden boards at the back of the garden, against the wall of the disintegrating barn.

From this moment on, Rudolf went to the garden each day, sometimes even several times, to practice shooting. The small, relatively light, metal bullets didn’t produce a lot of noise. Rudolf’s dad was very happy with Rudolph’s useful leisure activity. After about two months of studious practice, Rudolf was able to nearly always hit the middle of the target. He got bored of the static target. Rudolf wanted to try shooting a movable object. During dinner time he asked his dad whether he could try it out. His dad said that he would think about what he could do so that the target would move. And so the discussion was over. The movable target didn’t leave Rudolf’s mind. Even though his dad had strictly forbidden for him to shoot outside of the garden, he every now and then took his airgun on his hiking tours into the nearby forest. He climbed onto the high seat, waited for an animal to show and aimed without pulling the trigger. He always went by himself, so that his younger brother wouldn’t see what he was doing.

On a Saturday he wanted to practice again in the barn. He was preparing himself when he saw a small rabbit. Rudolf held his breath. The rabbit was tiny and sat in the grass. Obviously, he hadn’t noticed Rudolf. The air gun was loaded, Rudolf held it up to aim. But he didn’t want to shoot immobile targets. He finally wanted to try to target a movable object. Suddenly he heard his brother’s voice, the rabbit got scared and started to hop to find a safe place.

Rudolf was ready, he aimed and pulled the trigger. The rabbit fell to the ground and his brother’s scream sounded through the garden. His brother had seen everything and ran to the rabbit who was laying in the grass. The animal was stretched out and breathing quickly. His stomach was open and bleeding. Rudolf stood there with the airgun in his hand and couldn’t move. His younger brother Lukas carefully took the bleeding animal into his hands and ran to the house. Rudolf, who felt like he was in a dream, followed Lukas. Lukas ran to the kitchen and asked his mom for disinfectant and bandage. The dad who coincidentally also was in the kitchen had a look at the bleeding animal and briefly said, that it was too late. He then took the small rabbit out of Lukas’s hands, closed the kitchen door behind himself and left.

When he returned there was no small rabbit anymore. The dad took the airgun from Rudolf and locked it into the cupboard on the upper floor. He then told Rudolf that he wasn’t allowed to shoot anymore. 

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