Rudolf received an airgun and airgun targets for his Birthday. His dad fixed several thick wooden boards at the back of the garden, against the wall of the disintegrating barn.

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Aerobic lesson

Every year again I let myself entrain to join a beginners lesson in aerobic, power step, hot iron (or whatever these dancing lessons are called).

It starts promising with great music, an enthusiastic female trainer (there was never a man) and a room full of women with need for movement. Read More »

Lesson in Lisbon 27 June 2013

You attended my lecture on Thursday in Lisbon. I really enjoy our discussion.

And I am very much interested in your thoughts.

Please find 2 questions below:

  • What do you think about how the importance of VAT compliance in the future is (in max. 150 words)?
  • There is a direct delivery of goods from Germany to France, where three companies are involved in the chain, one of them is you client. Which questions would you ask your client to clarify the correct VAT treatment?