I knew two brothers, they were inseparable. They had a wonderful relationship and undertook many activities that went into the town history. One of them was smarter than the other but that wasn’t important. First their father died and then their mother, they inherited a large estate with huge gardens and office buildings. And their relationship was destroyed by money. One of them had received more than the other.

I knew two other brothers and they lived many years in different countries and only were in touch every now and again. One of them married and had kids, the other one stayed by himself his whole life. When their parents died, the brother that was alone inherited everything and the other nothing. After that they didn’t see each other for nine years. Then the one who had received the gifts died alone at home because there was no one there who could have gotten help.

I know some other stories like these where the sibling relationship regardless of how great, deep and heartfelt failed due to the distribution of the parental money.

If you don’t have anything you don’t have such problems. If you have something you need to think about how these injustices are being seen and what they can destroy, perhaps forever. And then it doesn’t matter whether a little or a lot is distributed but only HOW.

That’s why I’ve decided that regardless of what happens in future that this should never happen to my children. They have already received the valuable things such as education, love, confidence in their abilities and a great relationship with one another. All else are trifles.

Image source: Unsplash.com

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