Polish Webinar – POLAND: Revolutionary changes as from 2020 in Poland – don’t forget to register 9 October 2019

Following changes in the EU VAT, reporting and compliance, we are pleased to invite you for a webinar during which we will outline upcoming changes in Polish VAT that may affect your business.

Together with Swiss and Polish VAT experts from PwC, we will discuss the impact of above-listed changes on Polish businesses (also those that are only VAT registered!).

If you are interested to keep yourself up to date and you would like to ask questions after the webinar, please join us and register today for the event.

Register here >

Should you have any additional questions prior to the event of you would like to discuss other VAT- relevant changes within the EU VAT, please let us know.

We are happy to discuss and exchange our experiences how other companies are dealing with those rapid changes.

Thank you in advance for your participation in the event!

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