Switzerland – Liquidity buffer in the tax area and for federal suppliers

Businesses should have the possibility to extend payment periods without having to pay interest on overdue payments.

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Schweiz – Liquiditätspuffer im Steuerbereich und für Lieferanten des Bundes

Unternehmen sollen die Möglichkeit haben, die Zahlungsfristen zu erstrecken, ohne Verzugszins zahlen zu müssen.

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Hungary – tax measures in response to COVID-19

The following measurements were introduced by the Hungarian government in the government regulation Nr 47/2020 in response to the coronavirus-situation (COVID-19) effective as of 19 March 2020:

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Malta – tax respond to COVID-19: Fiscal support measures for businesses

The Maltese Government has announced a number of measures in a bid to encourage retention of employees and alleviate imminent cash flow and liquidity concerns that are expected to be faced by certain local businesses in the light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

These initiatives are mainly targeted at those businesses that are suffering a significant downturn in their turnover as a result of the economic constraints arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and, as a result face substantial cash flow difficulties.

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Swiss pharma rebates – an opportunity or a VAT risk?

Are you a pharmaceutical company selling drugs outlined in the list of special drugs and therapies (“Spezialitätenliste”) in Switzerland? If yes, you could benefit from the following information in connection with Swiss VAT.

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Germany- tax measures in response to COVID-19

The government published plans to postpone the due date for tax payments upon application of the taxpayer, free of charge.

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Lithuania – tax measures in response to COVID-19

Tax payment deferral or tax loan agreement possibility

Based on existing rules, tax payers experiencing temporary financial difficulties may ask the Tax Authority to delay the payment or to have the payment in scheduled installments.

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