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Poland: Obligatory registration and product fee payment in Poland: Waste Act

If you do business in Poland you might be obliged to register in freshly established Waste Database due to recent legislative changes in Poland.

Registration obligation
According to the Polish Waste Act, every entity is obliged to enter the waste register, if they have the below listed transactions in the Polish territory:
Whilst the 5 first positions are rather self-explanatory, the latter 2 items may require further explanation. Continue reading

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Switzerland: Non resident VAT taxpayer does not need to pay TV charge as from 1.1.2019

FTA – Tax liability for radio and television business levies

Bern, 30.08.2018 – Only companies with their registered office, domicile or permanent establishment in Switzerland subject to VAT are subject to the business tax for radio and television. Companies without a registered office, domicile or permanent establishment in Switzerland that are subject to Swiss VAT, however, do not have to pay a business tax for radio and television. This is stated in the explanatory report on the Radio and Television Ordinance. The Regulation will enter into force on 1.1.2019. Continue reading

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Tecan: Tax Manager 80-100% / Männedorf

Join Tecan! Join the marketleader! Work in an international and dynamic environment, share our success!

We care about people – Join the market leader

People every day all around the world will benefit from more personalized healthcare. The promise of better, faster, more cost efficient solutions is now within our grasp. And that’s the world in which Tecan plays a vital role – helping advance healthcare – through advanced life science research and diagnostic solutions. We constantly seek new ways to steer innovation. Continue reading

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Schweiz: 3. Schweizer MWST-Tagung 2018 / Bellevue Palace Bern

Bleiben Sie aktiv! Ich freue mich Sie zur dritten Schweizer MWST Tagung in Bern einzuladen.
Erfahren Sie zu nationalen und internationalen Themen erfolgversprechende Implementation von MWST-Prozessen in ERP-Systemen und zum weiteren Nutzen der Digitalisierung.

Dienstag, 23.10.2018
8.30 bis ca. 17.00 Uhr

Continue reading


Poland: Revolutionary future as of 1 of January 2019 – VAT return no needed anymore

The new structure of the JPK_VDEK (SAF-T) uniform control file will replace the current JPK_VAT from 1 January 2019. It was only from the middle of next year (1 July 2019), however it could be used instead of tax declarations as stated by the head of the National Revenue Administration (NRA). Continue reading

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Functional SAP Consultant / Amsterdam / Zurich

When advising our clients, the use of complex technology and ICT is becoming increasingly widespread. In order to keep pace with rapid developments, PwC seeks a (Senior) Functional SAP Consultant.
Do you want to help our VAT advisers in this complex world of technical developments? Then we can offer you a wide range of opportunities. Continue reading