India – Supreme Court decision taxation of software payments

Recently, the  Supreme Court1 has held that the amounts paid to the non-resident software suppliers, which do not create any right or interest with the distributor/ end-user for use of or right to use any copyright are not royalty under the Double Tax Avoidance Agreement(s) (DTAA). Therefore, the Indian payers were not liable to deduct tax at source (TAS) under section 195 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (the Act).

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Global Automotive Tax Guide 2020

It is a great pleasure to present you the PwC 2020 Global Automotive Tax Guide. The Guide provides a unique oversight of tax aspects related to the use of cars in 43 of the world’s most relevant car markets.

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India – India Union Budget 2021 – Highlights

The Indian Finance Minister presented Budget 2021 resting on 6 pillars with focus on providing impetus to Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Financial Sector and generation of Employment. On the tax proposals, the proposals convey a holistic approach to accelerate India’s revival and growth. Please find below summarised points of interest:  

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Austria – statute of limitation

Due to COVID-19, the Austrian tax authorities have granted very generous deferrals of payments for all types of taxation. So far, tax payments that were booked on the tax account until the end of September, are generally deferred until 15 January 2021.

Due to the ongoing economic disruption and the expected inability to balance the tax liability by that date, the rules are amended as follows:

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Crypto – what did you always wanted to know about taxation of cryptocurrencies?

Indirect Tax

Governments with a VAT/GST regime in place would typically consider cryptocurrency and related transactions to be within that taxing regime.

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PwC – 5. Schweizer MWST-Tagung – Dieses Jahr virtuell

Sehr geehrte Leser und Leserinnen

Die Mehrwertsteuer ist im steten Wandel und wird immer transparenter.

Für Sie als Entscheidungsträger wird es immer schwieriger, all die gesetzlichen und behördlichen Vorgaben / Neuerungen effizient und kostengünstig einzuhalten. Dazu kommt die aktuelle COVID-19-Situation, welche umsatzsteuerliche Herausforderungen mit sich bringt, die es zu meistern gilt. Gleichzeitig spielt Industrie 4.0, die umfassende Digitalisierung der industriellen Produktion, die den absehbaren Wandel herbeiführt, aber auch neue Chancen zur Prozessoptimierung bietet, eine immer wichtigere Rolle.

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Commodity Trading tax webcast on Thursday, 12. November 2020 at 4pm CET

Stay up to date on Tax developments relevant for the Commodity Trading industry

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EU – VAT treatment of telecom/mobile services. – non EU telecom providers maybe facing new VAT obligations – Case C 593/19

On 22 October 2020, an opinion of the Advocate General (AG) has been published in the case SK Telecom Co. Ltd. Vs  Finanzamt Graz-Stadt (Case C‑593/19). This case concerns the use and/or enjoyment rules for VAT in case of roaming services in a EU Member State.

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Switzerland – US contribution to the tax base in Switzerland

In response to the corona crisis, the US passed the Coronavirus Aid; relief and Economic Security Act (CARES ).

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Ecuador – VAT due on digital imports from 16 September 2020

Ecuador has announced that effective 16 September 2020, digital services supplied to local consumers will be liable to 12% local VAT, and that non-resident suppliers of such services will be liable to register and account for local VAT, or have the VAT withheld by payment service providers.

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