How to lose customers

I’m a fan of UNIQLO. That is the shop, which only recently has started to clothe Roger Federer and the shop, which does not exist in Switzerland.

I discovered UNIQLO by chance, when I was travelling in New York. I was on foot on my way back to my hotel from a client and suddenly it began to bucket it down. I didn’t have an umbrella with me and needed shelter and the next doorway was into this shop. I don’t like shopping. Or rather, with the thought that I again have to buy new clothes, I get goose pimples. The idea that I’ll have to undress and dress and then undress again and again have to dress and nevertheless nothing fits, is simply unbearable.

But what they sold in this shop fascinated me and over the years I have bought quite a lot from them. Now I was in London with my youngest and remembered that he needed a few new trousers. In Switzerland we hardly have time to buy such things. So I suggested to him that we go and look in UNIQLO. And, in fact, they had trousers that fitted him and he liked. We took three pairs. The only problem was, however, that they were too long. What a pleasant surprise, when at the cash desk they informed us that they would shorten them for him and that this was even included in the price. The only problem was that it was the last day of the year and that they were closing the shop already at 6.00 pm. After all they also wanted to celebrate the New Year. But by that time they will not be able to shorten the trousers. But on 1st. January they would be open at 10.00 am and then we could collect the trousers. That was also the only possibility, because our flight back to Switzerland was about midday.

So on 1 January we hurried to UNIQLO, collected the three pairs of trousers and sped to the airport. Only when we were at home, did we discover that the trousers had not been shortened. I sat down at the computer and wrote a mail to UNIQLO. The gist was that I like their products very much, but that with this treatment they had seriously annoyed me. If we had known that it was not possible to shorten the trousers, on 1 January we would simply have stayed in bed longer. An automated answer came «Thank you for your mail. We will reply as soon as possible.». Then, for a long time, nothing happened and finally at the end of January came a mail without a word of apology, but instead with 10 questions, which would I please answer.

I’m still inclined to buy at UNIQLO, I hope soon in Switzerland. But I prefer to stay well away from UNIQLO London.

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